YOU: Either you are the smart business owner who needs a SEO content writer, or you’re over 50 and have decided to make a living from writing… YOU are here to check if we are a good match. Or, maybe you are only curious. Nonetheless, YOU are Welcomed!

ME: See the woman behind the glasses on the right? That would be me. I will be happy to help YOU.

Briefly, I am an author, SEO content writer, blogger, reviewer, project manager, researcher, engineer, happy mother and a beloved wife… which makes me an expert at being a busy person.

Exactly as YOU, isn’t it so? This is the reason for which you are here.

The passion for studying different subjects and domains has helped me succeed in becoming the SEO content writer that YOU need. And this, while I kept my full-time job as an engineer, a mother, and a wife. Still… I have a secret helper… my husband.

My writing muscles were properly trained and I am now addicted to daily workouts at my writing Gym, where I receive the power to lift unlimited weights in several areas of interest.

Let me tell you about my background:

  • Researcher: try me… you will be surprised at how deep I can dig to highlight your expertise.

  • Writer fiction/non-fiction: Instead of approaching the symptoms of any subject, I love to dig deeper, down to the root level.

  • SEO Content Writer:
    • Content is King, and it’s the path to your online business success. Hire me to build your client’s trust providing authoritative content. I cover a large area of interest due to my passion for studying.

    • If you need to increase the visibility of your growing site, then it’s a good idea to hire a content writer who understands Keyword research, citation sources, image usage rights, and can incorporate a call to action in natural language.

  • Ghostwriter: The gift of being an empathetic person helps me easily find a common base with anyone who needs to publish a book but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to write one. As a ghostwriter, I practically take the owner’s thoughts, style, and intention and transforms them into words that attract the reader of almost any domain of interest.

  • Reviewer: the ability to enter into any author’s mind, helps me fill any review with the exact intention that resides at the base of any book.

  • Spiritual traveler in time and space. Too many domains to mention here as my passion. Many times my writing was defined as “food for soul”.

  • Translator: English & Romanian languages

    • Many friends and readers know my preference for translating old spiritual books very well. However, I love to translate or review almost anything… except horror books. You can find many of my Romanian translations/video captions on Nevertheless, if you google my birth name, you will see an “invasion” of my translations for different books, websites, and magazines starting from 2003 when I came online for the first time.

  • Project Manager: including European accreditation for structural funds

  • Engineer:
    • Mechanical degree specialized in welding technology.
    • Master in classical and nuclear heating systems. Dissertation: wind turbines and solar panels.
    • Evaluations for construction fields (both civil and industrial).
    • Owner of multiple diplomas specializing in technical and management fields.
Author MC Simon

M.C. Simon

  • Do yourself a favor and CONTACT ME.

  • Chances are, we are a good match.

  • This is a win-win long-term deal.